Thrilling Magic Shows for Wedding Entertainment

Weddings are thought to bring two people together who are said to be compatible. It's the most auspicious moment of one's life. Everyone wants to make their marriage a memorable event for themselves and even for their guests. Ken's flawless top-notch magic shows and performances are always known to create wonder and excitement.

If you want to make your marriage an exciting and memorable event, why not to try something exciting and more fun with a thrilling live magic show. From conception to completion, we can plan, and design an extraordinarily experience from 30-60 minutes of truly magical entertainment. Make your special day a Magical event.

Ken Margoe is the answer to all your magic entertainment needs and is a renowned Magician with 30 years of experience. Turn your wedding day into a memorable event with a high-energy entertainer. Magic that is exciting, innovative, contemporary and entertaining. As a roving performer Ken's goal is to get your wedding guests talking, laughing and interacting to create memories that will be a reminder of your fabulous wedding day.

For couples who are looking for different ideas to make their wedding stand out, Ken can make a flash appearance, a quick 5 minute magic piece with special meaning for the bridal couple, to a full length stage show and everywhere in between. The right kind of entertainment for your wedding with a unique blend of magic & humor. We are sincere in planning event objectives and always look for a better way to ensure that your wedding day turns out to be a truly magical, fun and a phenomenal event. Ken Margoe creates a sense of wonder that will leave your guests with a lasting memory of your wedding. We deliver a flawless, impressive event and ensure a delightful and mind-blowing atmosphere which will entertain your guests immensely.

A major key to make your wedding day dynamic and memorable is the right entertainment. Ken combines mind blowing magic with wedding entertainment and comedy that will challenge your senses, tickle your mind and leave you wondering if the impossible is possible.

Ken Margoe's walk around magic is an extremely entertaining performance. Entertain your guests lavishly by wowing them with exceptional magic. All his performances are unique and charismatic. Magic ensures you to get the maximum impact at your wedding event.

Book Ken Margoe a professionally experienced stunning magic performer for enthralling entertainment and magic shows.

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Fairytale Magical Appearance of the Bride and Groom or Levitation

Ken Margoe's 
newest illusion is the 360 Levitation. This is the only levitation in the world that can be performed completely surrounded. The audience member being levitated will have no idea how it is being done, along with the rest of your guests. Watch the video below and follow the camera go around the entire levitation. 

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